A lone white dove appeared and stayed with me for eight months as I was writing this book. I let it stay free and allowed it to leave with a mate that it found. The video was shot during a very windy day when one would think that the dove would prefer the comfort of its loft that I had built for it. But it appeared to be soaring around high in the sky just for the fun of working the wind. It was in an excited state when it landed and I playfully scolded it to prolong its excitement. The dove's lingering excitement suggests that a soul/consciousness exists in animals just as in humans.
            Animals and humans are constructed from proteins that are composed primarily of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. These are all present in the air- the carbon comes from carbon dioxide when it is broken down by photosynthesis in the plants that are consumed as food. All plants and animals (including humans) are created out of air! If a tree were to build itself up from just the materials in the ground, a crater would form underneath it.